Ms. No One – She doesn’t know whether to go for a career – have fun – choose or surrender to hormones. Alive and vital she exists only now.
Mr. Man – He’s worried about making decisions according to expectation or desire. His capabilities abound, but he has to make a living, which vocation does that – use the mind or the body?
Master Zip – He’s thinking maybe to be in a boy band, someone’s told him he could model – as the increasing number of ‘likes’ unfolds, his ego forms, he sits transfixed by his adolescence.
Madame Rien – comfortable in her own skin,  the sort of comfort only age and wisdom creates, she is happy to just be, and know, even though she does nothing deemed important by other folk.
Sir Space – The wise one of age, the proximity to finality making him fade away. He knows, but there’s just too much to share.
Missy Me – Worried how many friends will like her, she stares at the cusp of everything exciting and terrifying ahead.
Annie Anybody - a future like nothing we've see before.
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