TIME'S TATTOO at Montsalvat

An exhibition of immaculate works on paper, exploring the passing of time and how it impacts each of us on a personal level. Residents Gallery, 6 July - 31 July.

Jo Lane describes Time’s Tattoo as an art essay, body of work about the past’s effect on our personal presence. It examines our ability to fall back in to patterns and questions our ability to break through to newness.
The past’s ghost emerges in our present in hidden, as well as overt, ways – sometimes recognised, sometimes silently from the wings; its invisibility bearing no relation to the depth of its effect. 
Time’s Tattoo explores our right to look through it, to perceive it and to grasp its ability to smother and inform. Using the literature of ancestral lace to represent time, Jo draws her personal conclusions on the tattooed legacy of the past, in doing so allowing her to let it go. While there is nothing we can do about our past - we can feel it and know its place - not let it dictate our future.
It is not a political commentary but rather a personal expression of the complexity of presence.

Residents Gallery, 6 July - 31 July

Artist floor talk: Thursday 7 July, 11am and Saturday July 23rd 12pm

Meet the Artist: Thursday 7 July, 12pm - 2pm Saturday 23rd July, 12pm - 3pm 

7 Hillcrest Ave. Eltham Victoria
Phone: (03) 9439 7712 Opening Hours: 7 days, 9am-5pm